Improving Quality Reduces Costs and Increases Profits

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Reducing costs through improved efficiency increases profit. Integrated quality systems minimize issues and rework in projects, turnarounds, and operational activities. Projects are a critical focus since many quality issues start there and continue as long as the facility operates.  Improved turnaround, maintenance, and operating quality are also important for increasing profit.  Book an appointment for a free quality consult now – we are happy to chat!

Lifecycle Cost of Quality

LCoQ analysis determines the full cost of poor project quality and identifies improvements in project strategies that reduce costs throughout a facility's lifecycle.

Integrated Quality System Development

Unstoppable quality improvement by integrating quality management, risk management, knowledge management, and continual improvement.

Project and Turnaround QA Support

Issue-specific and phase-level quality audits during engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning.

National & International Quality Services

Project and corporate quality program development and implementation, quality system performance reviews, detailed quality investigations, risk management, and more.

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TDI Global Services contacted and partnered with Project Quality Consulting on an overseas project. They provided excellent advice, guidance, and support for project, quality, and risk management


This website offers top-quality consulting services for projects, including Lifecycle Cost of Quality and Integrated Quality System Development. Highly recommended for their expertise and excellence.

What We Offer

Lifecycle Cost of Quality (LCoQ)

Lifecycle Cost of Quality (LCoQ)

Poor project quality increases project and post-project costs. LCoQ quantifies the cost and shows how to reduce it. Project quality problems typically cause cost overruns (average is 30%) and lost production from start-up delays; post-project impacts include low production levels and high maintenance / operating costs. Contact us for a free chat on how measuring LCoQ can help your organization improve.

Integrated Quality System Development

Integrated Quality System Development

Radical project improvements come from integrating Quality management, Risk management, Knowledge management, and Continual Improvement into a single improvement-focused system. Through integration, quality resolves high risk issues first, NCR and audit knowledge is available to the organization, and procedures are updated to avoid future problems. Reach out and we will explain the benefits – no charge!

Quality Assurance (QA) Support

Quality Assurance (QA) Support

You can’t inspect quality into an output. Your assurance of quality is when sound processes are followed throughout its development. Quality audits ensure that work processes are developed, implemented, followed, effective, and that workers have been trained appropriately. QA pro-actively helps to avoid repeated mistakes, rework, and schedule slip. Book an appointment and chat with a QA consultant – for free!


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Project Quality Consulting was formed in 2015 from two different project-focused companies that supported large CapEx mining projects. The Project Quality Consulting mission is to improve client projects using the latest quality principles and techniques. The mission is achieved through integrated quality systems, QA support, and quality plan, process, and supporting software development and implementation.  Lifecycle cost of quality is used to identify existing quality costs and track improvements.

What We Do

For the last 100 years, quality has been about increasing business profit simply by improving how business activities are performed.  

  • If every aspect of the internal business is performing well and processes are being followed and improved, all department outputs – from any department – will meet expectations. Operating costs will be low and continue to fall.
  • If production outputs meet expectations, then the external customer focus is on what you are offering, not on whether it is well made. Customer satisfaction will be high which lowers all customer-related costs.

We are passionate about quality and how it increases profit.  We can help your work teams understand and integrate quality with other core processes.  Book a quick chat now!

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