Major Field Projects



McClean Lake Uranium (Orano $400 M) – site engineering, quality management, and construction management
Cigar Lake Uranium (Cameco $1.2 B) – quality management, risk management, knowledge, and continual improvement management.
Vanscoy Potash (Nutrien $3.6 B) – quality management, risk management, knowledge management, and continual improvement.

Oil and Gas

Voyager 1 (Suncor $13B) – engineering quality management, risk management, and knowledge management.
DeHy (Belemaoil $1.0 B) – quality management, project management support, and risk management.

oil and gas


Site C (BC Hydro $2.5 B scope) – quality management.

Consulting Projects

Nutrien (Integrated Quality) –turnaround quality lifecycle program
Nomodic (Project Quality Planning) – specialized quality planning for major
project NexGen (Quality Planning) – planning for quality in nuclear sector
Scaffold Solutions (Quality Planning) – quality system upgrade
brent robertson


Brent Robertson (President) started Project Quality Consulting Corporation in 2015. He has been a professional engineer since 2001, a project management professional since 2002, a certified lead auditor since 2015, and has:

  • over 25 years of experience in heavy industrial construction,
  • Worked on industrial megaprojects of up to $13 B,
  • Field experience in mining, oil and gas, rail, and hydro dams,
  • Served as Quality Manager, Quality Director, Construction Manager, Risk Manager, Knowledge Manager,
  • Led continual improvement initiatives,
  • Developed and commercialized five software applications.

Brent’s education includes bachelor’s degrees in civil engineering and economics, a masters in systems and engineering management, and he is completing a PhD in systems and engineering management focused on project owner quality.  He is also a respected researcher with journal, conference, magazine, and book publications as well as various conference presentations.  He is the originator of the Lifecycle Cost of Quality and Integrated Quality System concepts and has quantitatively verified the value of QA auditing.

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